Romantic tenor Sergio Franchi was born in Italy; during a career spanning close to three decades he won acclaim not only as an entertainer but also as a humanitarian, earning the title of «Cavaliery» from the Italian government. Becoming an American citizen in 1972, Franchi issued a series of recordings for RCA before succumbing to cancer on May 1, 1990; in the wake of his death, his widow Eva established the Sergio Franchi Music Foundation, annually awarding scholarships to students of vocal studies.
1 Core ‘ngrato 3:15
Written-By – Cordiferro* , Cardillo*
2 Funiculì, Funiculà 2:42
Written-By – Denza* , Turco*
3 ‘O Sole Mio 3:48
Written-By – Di Capua* , Capurro*
4 Mattinata 2:27
Written-By – Leoncavallo*
5 Mamma Mia, Che Vo’ Sapé 3:32
Written-By – Nutile* , Russo*
6 La Vilanella 2:36
Adapted By – Luboff*
Written-By – Franchi*
7 Marechiare 3:04
Written-By – Tosti* , Di Giacomo*
8 ‘A Vucchella 2:37
Written-By – Tosti* , D’Annunzio*
9 Comme Facette Mammeta? 2:10
Written-By – Capaldo* , Gambardela*
10 Fenesta Che Lucive 3:39
Written-By – Genoino* , Paolella*
11 Torna ‘A Surriento 3:00
Written-By – E. De Curtis* , B. G. De Curtis*
12 O Surdato ‘Namorato 2:25
Written-By – Califano* , Cannio*

Arranged By, Conductor [Orchestra And Chorus] – Wally Stott
Engineer [Remaster] – Thomas MacCluskey*
Photography [Photo] – Ron Cohen
Reissue Producer – Nathaniel S. Johnson
Tenor Vocals – Sergio Franchi
Italy’s Brilliant New Tenor
Sergio Franchi: Romantic Italian Songs.

Recorded in 1962 in London
Digitelly remastered in BMG/RCA Studios, New York City.

©1997, 1962 BMG Music. An RCA Victor recording licensed from BMG Music. Sergio Franchi courtesy of BMG Music.
©1998 Musical Heritage Society.
Printed in the USA.

Tracks 2, 9 and 11 with Chorus.

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