Dee Dee Bridgewater – In Montreux

Dee Dee Bridgewater – In Montreux
Year: 1990
Label: Polydor (1991)
Total time: 49:53

Dee Dee Bridgewater’s move to France awhile back has resulted in her having a relatively low profile in jazz. This excellent live set should help restore her reputation.
Whether it be a three-song Horace Silver medley, the warhorse «All of Me,» Jobim’s «How Insensitive,» «Night in Tunisia» or the rarely performed «Strange Fruit,» Bridgewater ( who is backed by a French rhythm section ) is in top form, singing with swing and sensitivity. ~ Scott Yanow, AMG

Dee Dee Bridgewater (Vocal)
Bert van den Brink (Piano)
Hein Van de Geyn (Double Bass)
Andre Ceccarelli (Drums)

Dee Dee Bridgewater – In Montreux Tracks:
01 All of Me (Seymour Simons/Gerald Marks) 7:51
02 How Insensitive (Antonio Carlos Jobim/Vinicius de Moraes) 7:51
03 Just Friends (John Klenner/Samuel Lewis) 7:51
04 A Child Is Born (Thad Jones/Alec Wilder) 4:35
05 Strange Fruit (Lewis Allan) 5:12
06 Night in Tunisia (Dizzy Gillespie/Frank Paparelli/Chaka Khan/Ahmet Ertegun) 9:18
07 Horace Silver Medley (Horace Silver) 7:11

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