The Very Tall Band – Live At The Blue Note

Album: The Very Tall Band – Live At The Blue Note
Album Artist: Oscar Peterson
Genre: Jazz
Sound Quality: High
Format: mp3_320Kbps
Record Label: TELARC
Year Released: 1998
This CD was recorded using Sony Direct Stream Digital & Super Bit Mapping technology.
Recorded live at the Blue Note, New York, New York from November 24-26, 1998. Includes liner notes by Alyn Shipton.
Oscar Peterson’s landmark meeting with Milt Jackson in the mid-’60s produced the very successful studio date Very Tall. They’ve played and recorded together on a number of occasions since then, joined by Ray Brown more often than not, but these live tracks recorded at the Blue Note are among their most satisfying sessions. Peterson continues his strong comeback from the serious stroke that he suffered in 1993, replacing his once ferocious tempos with an uncanny lyricism. Brown’s introduction to «Blues for JR» and his bass solo medley are superb, while Jackson remains a master of the blues. The finale of «Caravan» features drummer Karriem Riggins and brings the session to a thunderous climax. Highly recommended. ~ Ken Dryden
/Ray Brown/Milt Jackson.
The Very Tall Band: Oscar Peterson (piano); Milt Jackson (vibraphone); Ray Brown (bass); Karriem Riggins (drums).
Personnel: Oscar Peterson (piano); Milt Jackson (vibraphone); Karriem Riggins (drums).
Liner Note Author: Alyn Shopton.
Recording information: Blue Note Jazz Club, New York, NY (11/24/1988-11/26/1988).

01 – Ja-Da – (Carleton, Bob)
02 – Skj Blues – (Jackson, Milton 1923-1999)
03 – I Remember Clifford – (Golson, Benny)
04 – When Summer Comes – (Peterson, Oscar)
05 – Blues For Jr – (Brown, Ray)
06 – Nature Boy – (Ahbez, Eden)
07 – Sometimes I’m Happy – (Youmans, Vincent Millie 1898-1946)
08 – Bass Solo Medley (Full Moon & Empty Arms-The Very Thought Of You-The Work Song – (Mossman, Ted – Noble, Ray – Adderley, Nathaniel/kaye, Buddy)
09 – Caravan – (Tizol, Juan 1900-1984/ellington, E.k.)

by Richard S. Ginell
This is one of the best post-stroke Oscar Peterson sessions in the catalog, thanks in great part to the distinguished company he keeps (Ray Brown and Milt Jackson) and the stimulating atmosphere of the live setting (New York’s Blue Note club). Right from the first track, «Ja-Da,» you can tell that this is going to be a fun session, as the slippery, swinging, totally interlocked, totally assured way in which these vets react to each other kicks in immediately. Peterson’s right hand is fleet, feathery in touch, and bluesy in feel; the left providing just enough punctuation, and at 75, Jackson’s bluesy eloquence had not diminished in the least. Ray Brown’s time and placement of notes is, as usual, impeccable, and the very talented drummer in his group at the time, Karriem Riggins, provides a swinging kick for the quartet. In the spirit of democracy, each star gets a solo number — Peterson plays his ballad «When Summer Comes,» Jackson pours out a doleful «Nature Boy,» and Brown’s stream-of-consciousness medley eventually attracts the funky brushes of Riggins. But it’s always better to hear them together.

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