Charles Lloyd & Maria Farantouri – Athens Concert (2011)

Artist: Charles Lloyd & Maria Farantouri
Title Of Album: Athens Concert
Year Of Release: September 13, 2011
Label: ECM Records
Genre: Jazz
Sound Quality: FULL
Bitrate: 320 kbps | 44.1 Khz
Total Time: 01 h 27 min 09 sec
Total Size: 201.4 mb
Country: GREECE

Stunning performance in front of a huge audience at the open air Odeon of Herodes Atticus, as Charles Lloyd, uniquely-expressive saxophonist, and Maria Farantouri, Greece’s voice of resistance, come together. Friends for some years, this is their first recorded collaboration. Lloyd’s brilliant quartet is on hand – with Jason Moran in especially creative mode – augmented by lyra player Socratis Sinopoulos and second pianist Takis Frazio in a marvelous programme that includes songs by Mikis Theoedorakis, suites of Greek traditional music, Eleni Karaindrou’s “Journey to Kythera” and Lloyd originals including his classic “Dream Weaver”. “Athens Concert” is a major event, a very special live album indeed.
01. Kratissa ti zoi mou – I Kept Hold of My Life
02. Dream Weaver – Hyfantis oneiron
03. Blow Wind – Fyssa ayeri
04. Requiem
Greek Suite, Part I
05. Hymnos stin Ayia Triada – Hymn to the Holy Trinity
06. Epano sto xero homa – In the Dry Soil
07. Messa Stous paradissious kipous – In the Paradise Gardens
08. Taxidi sta Kythera – Voyage to Cythera
01. Prayer – Prosefhi
Greek Suite, Part II
02. Vlefaro mou – Oh Eyelid
03. Margaritarenia
04. Thalassaki Mou – My Little Sea
Greek Suite, Part III
05. Epirotiko Meroloi – Lament from Epirus
06. Kaegomae kae Sigoliono – I Burn and
07. Mori kontoula lemonia – Little Lemon Tree
08. Alismono kae haeromae – I Forget and I Am Glad
09. Tou hel’ to kastron – The Castle of the Sun
10. Yanni Mou – My Yanni
Recorded live June 2010

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