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Paco De Lucía – Plays Manuel De Falla

Artist: Paco De Lucía
Album: Paco De Lucía – Plays Manuel De Falla
Label: Philips
Format: MP3@320 kbps
Sound Quality: FULL
Size: 68.46 MB
Type: CD
Country: Spain
Release Date: 1978
Genre: Flamenco
01 Danza De Los Vecinos     3:09
02 Danza Ritual Del Fuego     4:24
03 Itroduccion Y Pantomima     2:59
04 El Pano Moruno         1:27
05 Danzo Del Molinero         3:04
06 Danza             3:24
07 Escena             1:25
08 Cancion Del Fuego Fatuo     4:05
09 Danza Del Terror         1:48
10 Danza De La Molinera     4:01
Arranged And Adapted By Paco De Lucia
Guitar – Paco De Lucía
This review is from: Paco de Lucia plays Manuel de Falla (Audio CD)
There’s a sense of urgency throughout this album that makes it one of De Lucia’s most exhilerating. The effect is achieved by the deft use of percusion and electric bass as well as the intriguing yet cohesive blend of classical and flamenco schools. The music straddles both worlds, giving the songs more suggestiveness and freeedom while at the same time retaining a strong sense of form. De Falla’s compositions are tight and fast yet grandiose and ambitious. It’s music full of punch and a showcase of sheer relentless inventiveness. Add to this De Lucia’s furious playing and one has a hybrid whose influences may be self-evident but whose effect is stunning, to say the least. There’s a definite modern sound to this album, although the arrangements themselves are sparse, that gives it a dynamism seldom found in other De Lucia works.