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Ibrahim Ferrer – Buenos Hermanos

BUENOS HERMANOS won the 2004 Grammy Award for Traditional Tropical Latin Album.

Ibrahim Ferrer’s first project in four years once again found him in the studio with producer/guitarist Ry Cooder. The result is BUENOS HERMANOS, yet another trip into the world of traditional Cuban music, sparked by the success of the Buena Vista Social Club. Cooder rides herd on a collection that’s an irresistible collage of bottom-heavy congas and bongos, plunking bajo, call-and-response vocals, and horn arrangements that bob and weave throughout. Ferrer’s rich vocal style slips in perfectly, whether he’s bouncing along in the spry «Boquinene» or ripping up the sizzling son «Hay Que Entrale a Palos a Ese.»

Ferrer’s skill as a balladeer comes through readily as he caresses each word in the lush bolero «Mil Congojas,» buoyed by the guitars of Cooder and Los Zafiros member Manuel Galban. Equally impressive are guest appearances by Flaco Jimenez, whose squeezebox is the perfect complement to Ferrer’s croon, and the Blind Boys of Alabama, whose uplifting harmonies on «Perfume de Gardenias» transcend any language barriers. Even «Oye El Consejo,» a metaphorical song dealing with Cuban society’s complex attitude towards race, provides a chance to shake your hips while making you think.

Ferrer’s first release since 1999s gold-certified debut Buena Vista Social Club Presents. Ibrahim Ferrer is full of surprises. The band includes Blind Boys of Alabama and Jon Hassell on trumpet. 13 tracks with Slipcase. Nonesuch. 2003.

Recorded at Egrem Studios, Havana, Cuba.

Personnel: Ibrahim Ferrer (vocals); Clarence Fountain, Joe Williams (vocals); Manuel Galbán (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, organ); Ry Cooder (acoustic guitar, electric guitar); Mario Fernandez, Gerardo García, Silvio Duquesne, Ariel Sarduy, Ana Julia Badia, Rogelio Martinez, Jr., Hugo Cruz (violin); Robert Herrera, José G. Marón, Marta Amelia Salgado, Ricardo Fernandez, Enrique Navarro (viola); Alejandro Rodriguez , Arelis Zaldivar, Roy Avila (cello); Flaco Jiménez (accordion); Pantaleón Sánchez, Modero Mekanisi, Javier Zalba (alto saxophone); Rafael ‘Jimmy’ Jenks, Antonio Jimenez, Gil Bernal, Alfred Thompson (tenor saxophone); Ventura Gutierrez (baritone saxophone); Luis Alemañy, Jon Hassell , Manuel «El Guajiro» Mirabal, Alejandro Pichardo (trumpet); Chucho Valdés, Roberto Fonseca (piano); Jim Keltner, Joachim Cooder (drums); Miguel «Angá» Diaz (congas, bongos, claves); Demetrio Muniz, Bernardo Choven Garcia (congas); Isél Martínez (bongos); Amadito Valdés (timbales).

Audio Mixer: Jerry Boys.

Recording information: EGREM Studios, Havana, Cuba; Sound City Studios, Los Angeles, CA; Sunset Studios.

Photographer: Christian Jaspars.

Personnel includes: Ibrahim Ferrer (vocals); Manuel Galban (electric guitar, organ); Ry Cooder (electric guitar); Lemay Olano, Rogelio Martinez (violin); Roberto Herrera (viola); Arley Zaldivar (cello); Flaco Jimenez (accordion); Javier Zalba, Pantaleon Sanchez (alto saxohone); Antonio Jimenez, Carlos Oviedo (tenor saxophone); Ventura Gutierrez (baritone saxophone); Jon Hassell, Manuel «Guajiro» Mirabel (trumpet); Chucho Valdes, Roberto Fonseca (piano); Orlando «Cachaito» Lopez (bass); Joachim Cooder (drums); Amadito Valdes (timbales); Miguel «Anga» Diaz (bongos, congas, clave); Jim Keltner, Joachim Cooder (percussion); Pepe Maza, Alberto » Virgilio» Valdes, Juliette Commagere, Carla Commagere (background vocals); The Blind Boys Of Alabama.


1 Boquiñeñe
2 Buenos hermanos
3 La música cubana
4 Guaguancó Callejero
5 Naufragio
6 Como el arrullo de palma
7 Perfume de gardenias
8 Mil congojas
9 Hay que entrarle a palos a ése
10 No tiene telaraña
11 Fuiste cruel
12 Boliviana
13 Oye el consejo